We are all spending more and more time in our bathrooms

Not just through necessity, but because we enjoy the peace and privacy it brings us. Those little rituals at the start and end of the day help us feel awake and energised, or calm and relaxed.

But even though the role of the bathroom has grown in importance, it’s still one of the smallest rooms in the house. In fact, in many homes, this relaxing haven is just six feet square or less. Design pioneer Terence Conran believes that just because a room is limited in scale, it doesn’t have to be limited in style; we wholeheartedly agree, and this is the principle behind our thirty6 designs.

At thirty6 we understand the realities of designing for smaller spaces. Every product we make is purpose-designed and handcrafted for compact bathrooms while looking equally at home in larger spaces, allowing you to create a consistent look across your entire home.

Ultimately, you’ll find that you don’t need space to create a beautiful bathroom. All you need is thirty6.