Making the everyday easier

In the digital age we search constantly for ways to make everyday tasks easier and more convenient – and showering is no exception.

The MyHome Digital Shower brings smart technology to your bathroom, incorporating extremely precise temperature adjustment and regulation to make your showering experience simpler, safer and more efficient.

So, whether you’re kick-starting your Monday morning or refreshing at the end of a long day, your daily routine becomes something you can really look forward to.

Modern Design

The MyHome Digital Shower is crafted to look right at home in any bathroom. In keeping with the premium thirty6 product collection we’ve designed our digital shower in metal with a chrome finish, bringing you a subtly sophisticated look at an affordable price.

Precise Controls

With one-touch activation, precise controls for both flow and temperature, and an innovative LED system to let you know when the water’s warming up, cooling down, or just right, showering has never been more convenient.

Improved Safety

Keep your family safe with the enhanced safety measures of our digital shower. Intuitive temperature monitoring and an automatic shut off feature prevent surges of hot and cold water, while cool-touch controls reduce the risk of burns.

Key features

Carefully designed features such as combined bath and shower controls, exact temperature regulation and an optional remote control set the MyHome Digital Shower apart, offering enhanced safety and convenience at an affordable price.


Precise temperature adjustments

Exact temperature‐regulating technology is at the core of all our digital showers. Get the water temperature just how you like it best with our sophisticated controls.

Colour‐changing controls

When the shower is turned on the controls flash white until it reaches temperature, then glow when the water’s ready. As you adjust the temperature the controls flash red to let you know the water’s heating up and blue when it’s cooling down.

Easy divert

On dual outlet showers press the flow control once to change to the alternative showerhead, and again to flow from both outlets at the same time. On the dual bath and shower, press once to divert to the showerhead.

Consistent water temperature

You never have to worry about a sudden rush of hot or cold water. The advanced thermostatic control automatically keeps the water at the set temperature – even if someone uses a tap or flushes the toilet while you’re showering.

Cool‐touch metal controls

The shower controls are kept completely separate from the water in the valve. This ensures that the metal controls always stay cool and safe to touch, protecting your family from burns.

Remote Control

Remote control

Install an additional remote control wherever you’d like for added convenience, whether that’s just outside the shower area or – so long as it’s within 10m of the shower – right next to your bed.

Flexible control options

Choose from options for a single outlet shower, dual outlet shower, and dual outlet bath and shower. The dual outlet bath and shower incorporates our Xofill bath fill option.

Automatic shut off

If there are problems with your water supply – for example, if the hot or cold water supplies or power fails – then the shower flow will shut off completely.

Temperature override

Each digital processor has a pre‐set maximum shower temperature of 41°C, which can be overridden and adjusted to 46°C. As bath temperatures are usually higher, the maximum temperature of the bath outlet will be pre‐set to 44°C.

Quiet integrated pump

Our digital processor has an integrated pump with an extra quiet brushless motor, allowing high pressure showering with less noise.

Quick installation

Our digital shower is simple to fit, making your plumber’s job easier with push-fit isolation valves, a standard electrical plug, and easy to setup cables.

Cleaning mode

Activate cleaning mode to clean the controls without accidentally turning on your shower. Simply press and hold the power button to enable cleaning mode, which lasts for 1 minute.

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