Every product in the MyHome range has been built to fit small bathrooms

But, when it comes to designing a small bathroom, cloakroom or en-suite, the layout is equally as important as the products you use.

At thirty6 we’re experts in both, and our series of floor plans, 3D designs and high-res visualisations will give you the inspiration and ideas you need to get your project started.

Floor Plan

A well-considered layout can make a huge difference in creating a bathroom that’s both comfortable and functional.

Our floor plans show you how best to make the most of your space, whatever the shape or size of your bathroom. Use them as the plan for your latest project or as a starting point for your own ideas.


Even with detailed descriptions of products, ranges and layouts, it can be difficult to visualise a thirty6 solution to your space.

Our 3D designs will give you a much clearer understanding of how the finished product might look, while also offering a better visual impression of just how we make the most of small spaces.


Our high-res images are like a printed thirty6 showroom; they’ll help you to imagine just how one of our bathrooms looks in real life.

Sometimes the best way to get started is with a little inspiration, and this collection of designs is a great place to get ideas about how you want to use your space.